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Almond spread ALMOND CRUNCHY

A velvety, vegan, and simply unputdownable crunchy almond spread! A sweet addition to toasts and baked goods.

Price 25.00 zł

Peanut and blackcurrant spread PB&J®

A one-in-a-million, addictive combination of our peanut butter and Polish balckcurrant jam that has no equal. Your palate will go mad with joy!

Price 15.00 zł


In love with pistachio no matter the form? You’re at the right address! Pistachio is a healthy, green snack of noble nuts that we roast, grind and jar on our own. An iconic item among our nut spreads.

Price 25.00 zł

100% peanut PEANOOT BUTTER

A hearty portion of nuts and no unnecessary additives. Just 100% peanuts. Smooth for you, but good also for your four-legged friend.

Price 10.00 zł

No-added-sugars PISTACHIO spread

Velvety and vegan Good Noot spread made with the eminent pistachios. Green, iconic and free from added sugars. Invariably noble, with no discredit to the taste, colour and texture. Eat like there’s no tomorrow and leave remorse behind!

Price 29.00 zł

Set of 4 nut spreads

A set of four artisanal nut spreads distinguished by their velvety texture and exceptional taste.All spreads are free from gluten and palm oil.

Price 60.00 zł
  • Pack

Set of 3 nut spreads

A set of three unique artisanal nut spreads perfect for recipes and baked goods.All spreads are free from gluten and palm oil.

Price 52.00 zł
  • Pack