Promocja Choconoot® gratis przy x zakupie

Good Noot nut spreads - now free from added sugars!

Equally artisanal, nutty, and natooral, just no sugars added. They can’t wait to hop on your sandwiches and spoons, into snacks and creative baked goods. For all who avoid white sugar.

If it’s not what floats your boat, too, no matter the reason, you’ll feel at home in the world of our healthily sweet nutty Good Noot spreads. What’s to be had? The 100% peanutty Peanoot Butter, a fit version of the already iconic Choconoot® combining hazelnuts and cocoa, and Pistachio - the irresistible pure finesse. They’re all as creamy and good as their classic versions. In general and in detail. It’s the loving care that makes their taste so unique!

Return your jar

Let's be frank, how many jars do you already have in your cupboard? Do you have space for more? You'd rather use it for something else, wouldn't you?

Let's do it this way: return your jar and we'll give it a second life. We'll all benefit from it — our planet and its inhabitants. Good Noot jars can be brought to any loodspot (we only accept them in our brick and mortar stores). After scanning the label code, we'll add 100 points to your Good Lood App account. You can find the terms and conditions of the promotion here. Next, we'll carefully clean the jar to refill it with another portion of our spread. Just like in the good old days, when orangeade bottles were returned to shops and milk arrived at your door each morning.

Out of concern for natoore, our labels have been printed with a very small amount of ink on a special, ecological, recycled paper. They are easily removed, so we're able to use only minimal amount of water in the process of washing and preparing them for reuse.

Make sure the QR code label is intact - otherwise you won't get any points in the Good Lood App.


About us

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away...

The best ice cream flavour emerged and is now served in loodspots around Kraków and Warsaw.

We've manufactured ice cream since 2016 out of passion and love for real savour inspired by natoore! This way, we daily create a constellation of unusual compositions and serve them in both milky and vegan version.

In 2021 we decided to go a step further. We created recipes of the Good Noot spreads along with the process enabling their artisanal production. And so, you can count on the shipping of our nutty treats from the Baltic sea to the Tatra mountains and enjoy the taste of Choconoot, Pistachio, PB&J&and Peanoot Butter with no need to visit a loodspot.

Join our community right now - we're a people lost in the space of taste!