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Set of 3 nut spreads with no added sugars

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A set of three artesian sugar-free nut spreads. All of the spreads are gluten-free and palm oil free.

The set contains free from added sugars Good Noot spreads:

  • Pistachio - no added sugar,
  • Choconoot® - no added sugar,
  • Peanoot Butter.

PISTACHIO - no added sugar

Spread made from precious Iranian pistachio nuts. Vegan, free from added sugars, gluten-free, palm oil free, without preservatives, and any artificial enhancers. Source of healthy proteins and fats. Coquettishly green, perfect for cooking recipes, baking, and morning toasts.

CHOCONOOT® - no added sugar

An artesian spread from hazelnuts and cocoa.Free from added sugars, gluten-free, palm oil free, without preservatives, and artificial colourings. Rich in healthy fats and proteins. Better to the power of n than anything that came before it. Have it for breakfast, on pancakes, or straight from the jar and lick the spoon!


Our nut spread is made of 100% peanuts. Vegan, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, palm oil free, and without preservatives. Not only a yummy treat for you but also for your four-legged companion - a great source of valuable proteins and fats. Perfectly tasty by itself or as an addition to meals and desserts.

All Good Noot spreads may contain traces of other nuts (peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios) and soi. Pistachio and Choconoot(r) - no added sugar contain sweeteners. Consumption of these sweeteners in excessive amounts might have a laxative effect. All spreads in this set contain naturally occurring sugars.

Set of 3 nut spreads with...

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