The Good Noot spreads, just like the Good Lood ice cream, are manufactured in our beloved Kraków. It's here, under the watchful gaze of professionals valuing good taste, that we created our recipes along with the process enabling their artisanal production.

The good taste is in the details. That is why all nuts that make up the Good Noot spreads, are meticulously selected, roasted and ground.

What matters for us are the ingredients. Our spreads do not contain palm oil, artificial colourants, preservatives nor any other enhancers. If you’re not into or don’t tolerate sugar, you’ll find something for yourself, too - we now have a no added sugars option.

The Good Noot spreads are manufactured from simple and natooral ingredients. That's why their taste is so special.

Rzemieślnicza produkcja

Make friends with our spreads


I never consort with palm oil! I am deeply affected by roasted hazelnuts, delicious cocoa and the warm hearts of all the good taste aficionados that created me! In the new reveal I’m just as nutty, dark and creamy, yet free from added sugar.


Call me Mr Vegan. I contain roasted Iranian pistachio and not a drop of milk! I'm sweet, but not insipid, you'll love me! Look also for my new version – just as green and iconic, but free from added sugars.


I'm born to surprize. One in a kind! I owe my present accomplishment to roasted peanuts and luxurious Polish blackcurrants.


People call me 100% nutty. No needless words nor additives. And as we're already introduced, I'd like to humbly wish you a good day!